54: Annalise

“I have two lives: I have one life where I’m a project manager for United Healthcare, and then I have another life – my creative life – which is storytelling, I’m a singer, I have a band, I just did a one woman show in January…so that’s just a whole second life.” Hear Annalise’s story:Read more

41: Brandon

“I am the dean of the Class of 2017 [at the Latin School of Chicago] and an English teacher for 10th and 12th grade. I have been working at Latin for five years; prior to that I worked at a Quaker school in Delaware and prior to that I was in graduate school. My partner’s in Seattle and I will be moving to Portland soon. I will be dean of students there at a school similar to Latin.” Hear Brandon’sRead more

27: Melis

“My name is Melis – it’s a Greek name, but I am Turkish born. I’ve been working at DePuis [Design Innovation Agency] for almost three years. I’m a strategist – I do a lot of design research and competitive analysis for the companies we are working for.” Hear Melis’ story:Read more

32: Tyler

“I currently live in Edgewater with my husband, who is from China. I work for WBEZ, the version of NPR in Chicago, and my primary job there is as a live event producer for the station. I like to put on shows – I always have – and somehow I am in this nerdy media industry where I’m allowed to do that.” Hear Tyler’s story:  Read more

83: Ivan

Latin School of Chicago Alum, Class of ’51 “I went to Latin first grade through [twelfth]. I was a stock broker and am now an old retired geezer. I have two kids who went to Latin; ’87 and ’91 were their classes.” Hear Ivan’s story:  Read more

36: Sarah C.

“I work at JLL – I’m in commercial real estate. I do what a lot of people would classify as tenant representation, with a slant towards health care. I’m married to a guy I knew in high school who graduated from Lab [U-High].” Hear Sarah’s story:Read more

57: P.C.

“I’ve lived [in Uptown] for twenty-two years and am a real active participant in creating community. It’s my work and lifestyle.” Hear PC’s story:Read more

27: Elliot

“I grew up in Denver and lived there until I went to school at Lake Forest College in Chicago. I’ve been in two jobs since then – one was at a design firm previous to this, and the other has been working with Ann here [at DePuis]. The last four years of working here have probably been some of the most fun I’ve had.” Hear Elliot’s story:Read more

33: Sarah H.

“I am a co-owner of Women and Children First, which is one of the last feminist bookstores in the whole world. I am artistic and I am a businesswoman, so I kind of juggle those two worlds.” Hear Sarah’s story:Read more